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I am so happy to be here!

I am so happy to be here!

I am so happy to be here! My muse and I have written short stories that have been floating around in my mind for nearly twenty years! This past June, I put out Afro-Bougie Blues and I am so excited to share it with you! This isn’t esoteric, fine arts fiction, but real stories that make you curious and leave you satisfied. And who am I to write these stories? A woman of great imagination, a writer and diarist since the age of 7, with a touch of poet to boot. Of course, I have a day job. My left brain is in control during the day and I work as a safety consultant for a small engineering firm out of Virginia. But at night, with my muse by my side, my creative juices get to flowing and I turn out bits and pieces of life that ache to be read. I know that out there in the world are people who will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. So here they are! Afro-Bougie Blues!

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