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Black History Month 2024 – A Jeopardy Board for the 21st Century!

Black History Month 2024 – A Jeopardy Board for the 21st Century!

It’s February 1st and Black History Month has arrived! As someone who is perpetually stuck in the 20th century, crooning to Earth Wind and Fire and Parliament Funkadelic, I challenged myself to get with the times. We are nearly one quarter into the 21st century and a lot has happened. We have had our first black president! We have several new billionaires in the top 1%, and we have new struggles championed by a new generation of civil activists – Black Lives Matter! So I thought I would make a Jeopardy Board focused on the 21st century!


If this is your first time playing, all you do is pull down on the number of teams, or or choose “1 Team”, to keep score of yourself, or choose “No Teams” just for the fun of it. Then Start!

With the mouse, click on a square to reveal the text(Jeopardy answer). Guess the response(Jeopardy question). You don’t have to type it in. If you’re playing with others, just say it out loud. Then move mouse to click on “spacebar” to reveal the response(Jeopardy question) and click on “+” to add points. The game knows how many points to give you. Click on “esc” to go back to the board.

The 100’s are easy! You have to really know what’s going on to get the 500’s.


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